Status Report

Here’s where I am in the world:

82% done with War and Peace.
3 things left in my daily to do list.
32 things left on my To Do list.
Baby laundry waiting to be folded.  Towels in the drier.  Darks in the wash.  Lights waiting.
1 video game waiting to be played.
About half through my coloring journal.
Sleeping baby, bound to be fussy when I’m tired and want a nap.
6ish hours of sleep.  I was actually surprised when I figured this out.
500- The approximate number of texts sent and received today.
1160 podcasts downloaded at the beginning of the day.
4 podcasts listened to so far today.
4 new podcasts just popped up in my queue.
4 days away from hands free pumping.
4 sleeping cats.

It’s a nice day here.  Sunny.  Warm.  Hubby is bringing home some pork to grill tonight and I’m hoping to get outside and throw a couple of discs in the back yard.  I was super tired when I gt up this morning but I have had a lot of energy since which is good because I have a lot that I’d like to get through today.  I’m making pretty good time but I have sacrificed most of my relaxing time.  Oh well.  I can relax later, right?  Right!

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is leaving you feeling satisfied and good.


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