I Took a Break

I took a break.

Friday night I had a couple of drinks and hung out with Hubby.

Saturday night Bestie and her husband came over and I got drunk and spent the night talking and listening to music and hanging out.

Sunday I turned off my to do list.  I ate grinders for breakfast.  My brother-in-law and his friend came over for games and Hubby’s carnitas.  I drank a big pitcher of tea and let myself just relax without worrying about all of the things I “needed” to do.

Monday I went shopping with my mom.  I bought hand soap and a dress and a top.  I had ice cream and pizza.  I came home tired, aware that I had pushed myself too hard, and took a nap.  I turned off my to do list at 7 and had a couple of beers.

And all of this time I continued to be a mother.  I took care of LM.  I pumped and dumped.  I pumped and fed. I had the amazing experience of being relaxed enough that my milk supply nearly doubled.  I snuggled him and talked to him and played with him and let other people do those things too.

And now I feel like a human again and I want to encourage myself to continue to let things go and relax and love my life.  Because there is so much to love.


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