Little Things

Sometimes I forget how much joy is wrapped up in the little things in life.  I forget that sometimes just holding my son and sitting on the couch is enough to make my day brighter.  I forget that it is worth it to get out that pitcher and glass that I bought years ago because I loved them but actually haven’t used yet.

I used to play a game where I would stop periodically throughout the day and ask myself, “What little thing could I do to make this better?”  Sometimes it was during a boring task at work and I would realize that I could turn on a podcast and not be so bored.  But just as often it happened when I was having a good day and enjoying myself.  I might realize that a $1 tea from McDonalds would make it even better or that I wanted to listen to some ELO and sing along ridiculously.

I’m writing on my back deck right now.  I haven’t spent much time out here yet except to smoke or hand Hubby something while he grills.  My next two things on my to do list (blogging and writing) were things that I could easily do out here.  I went downstairs and got my beach chair and brought it up.  Now I’ll sit out here throughout the days and remember why it is that I wanted a deck to begin with.

The little things can make a big difference.  Choose joy.


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