Adventures in Maternity Leave

I have an exciting day planned today.

This morning my mother will be coming over to babysit and I will be going to town.  I’m going to get some groceries and maybe make a quick stop at the Goodwill.  I might even swing into WalMart and buy a wrap to carry the baby.  We’ll see how I feel.  I am looking forward to going into town, even as my list grows and grows.  I need gas and Hubby wants me to pick up his prescription.  I want groceries and I’d like something new to wear, as I’m working on getting a new wardrobe going for work.

It will be a nice break that isn’t a break at all. Ha ha.

LM had his one month wellness visit yesterday and everything is good.  He’s a little on the small side but nothing to be concerned about.  He is a little guy, you know, and now I’m going to worry that he’s too little and that he’s not growing enough and not getting enough of what he needs.  I suppose that I’ll always be worried about it.  That’s being a mom.

And, the baby calls.  I hope you have a good day too and get to have even a lame adventure!


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